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Domaine Larribere rosé 2023 (75cl)

Domaine Larribere rosé 2023 (75cl)

Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE)

Béarn (rosé)
Cabernet Franc , Cabernet Sauvignon , Tannat
2 an(s)
entre 8° et 10°
Barbecue, grillades , Charcuterie , Plats
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Located on the second alluvial terrace of Gave de Pau, the Field has a argilo-muddy soil with large sand-gravel mixes which allows the type of vines Tannat, Cabernet franc and Cabernet Sauvignon co-planted on 11 ha, to express their power and their smoothness.


It is Rosy of bleeding. The grapes are put out of tank for a short maceration of a few hours intended to extract the colour and the flavours contained in the skin from grape. When the intensity of the colour dew is considered to be sufficient, the juice is past to ferment without marc, fermentation thermobabbited. The breeding lasts 4 months ferments stainless of it before setting out of early bottle at the end of the winter.


ROBE: pink raspberry, brilliant.
NOSE: bursting of smoothness, with the subtle flavours of red small fruits (raspberry, currant), of litchi, white peach and of violet.
MOUTH: round and already scented with the attack, it appears full, of beautiful balance, very aromatic, firm and long on the fruit.


2 to 3 years

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