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The Cave de Gan Winery

Founded in 1949 at the foot of the Pyrenees, the winery known as La Cave de Gan­Jurancon has become, over time, a distinguished landmark in Béarn. Close to Pau, Lourdes and Biarritz, we invite you to discover the history and traditions of the vineyards in the Pyrenean foothills. Bringing together nearly 300 wine growers, Cave de Gan - ­Jurancon plays a major role in the AOC* Jurançon and the AOC Béarn. We are a cooperative committed to and respectful of our terroir, operating 750 hectares of vineyards, 45 acres of which are tended to by our own team.

Throughout the year, our winery offers you the opportunity to visit for free our facilities including grape presses, a semi­underground cellar, Gallo­Roman mosaics, and bottling plants. Together with your family, friends, or in groups, you are invited to come and taste our wines and enjoy a quiet moment.

The Cave de Gan winery is a must for all lovers of wine and gastronomy. We are proud to operate under the Tourisme & Handicap label, and are ideally located and easily accessible with ample parking, a picnic area and service area for campers. The Cave de Gan – Jurancon winery takes great care to assert a responsible and forward­looking viticulture, and we use all of our know­how to offer you an unforgettable trip to the land of Jurancon.


The Bellocq site


On the 1st of October in 2000, the Cave de Gan ­ Jurançon organisation took over the wine cooperative Vignerons de Bellocq. 

Some figures on the production of the AOC Béarn Red and Rosé: 

  • 150 hectares of vineyards dedicated to Béarn Red and Béarn Rosé (AOC designation attained in 1975) belonging to 70 owners, 12 of whom operate 80% of the vineyards. 
  • 50 co­operators produce 7500 hectolitres of Béarn Red and Rosé, representing 90% of the total production of the area. 
1 million bottles are produced from Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes grown on plains and hillsides. A new retail store located in Bellocq now offers a range of wines from Béarn Red and Rosé to Jurancon Dry and Sweet. You can be sure of a warm welcome there from from 9 am to 12 noon, then from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday. 

Depuis le 1er Octobre 2000, la Cave de Gan - Jurançon a repris la coopérative vinicole des Vignerons de Bellocq.

The Cave de Gan Winery in Figures


Some key figures concerning the Cave de Gan ­ Jurançon winery


A total of 37 000 hectoliters of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) wine are vinified each year:

  • 20,000 hectoliters of AOC Jurançon sweet,
  • 9000 hectoliters of AOC Jurancon dry
  • 8000 hectoliters of AOC Béarn red and rosé

Number of members: about 300 growers

Number of employees: Approximately 100 employees

Number of bottles per year: The Cave de Gan ­ Jurançon winery 5 million bottles per year.

Sales breakdown:

  • 30% to private customers (in store, on line, mail orders, etc ...)
  • 30% through retail in supermarket chains
  • 30% to Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants
  • 10% exported (mainly to Northern Europe)

*AOC: Appellation d'Origine Contrôllée, may be translated as "controlled designation of origin"