Quality through Respect for the environment, Accessible to everyone.

Our Imperitive: Quality above all else

Our highest priority is to meet your expectations by offering quality wines that are a pleasure to drink and that can accompany all occasions. To successfully satisfy these objectives, a series of rigorous process checks have been established that have as their focus every level of production, beginning in the vineyard and continuing through to the chai, where wine is stocked before it is delivered.

In the vineyard, for example, a committee ensures the use of best practices in the management of all aspects of the vineyard. Every step of working with the grapevines is subject to strict specifications and is routinely checked by a regulatory body. Such specifications pertain to such things as vineyard ground cover, vine training, high trellising, systematic stripping, green harvesting, and successive selections in harvesting.

In addition, our vineyard team is in charge of a pilot vineyard where we experiment with new ways of working which, if proven effective, are shared with all of our cooperators. Our certifications (accordance No. AQ01810) allow us to:

  • Distribute plant protection products to professional users
  • Provide the service of plant protection product application.

Furthermore, our vine committee may share all the latest effective innovations and techniques for vine care with our cooperators when providing services. In addition to ensuring top quality, all these controls ensure full traceability of our wines and the safety of our employees. These commitments have been rewarded with a triple certification, including ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environment Protection, and FSSC 22000 for Food Safety. 


Sustainable Development

The Responsible Farming Approach

Agriculture Raisonnée is the French expression that signifies a standardisation of farming practices that takes into account protection of animals and the environment. At the Gave de Gan – Jurançon winery we are anxious to preserve and enhance our heritage, so we make respect for the environment a priority. The approach of Agriculture Raisonnée farming has come to symbolize this commitment. This qualification, regulated by Certisud, is recognized by French law and here applies to upstream farming (grape growing).

At the Cave de Gan – Jurançon responsible farming has as its aims:

  • to limit the use of fertilizers and treatments (soil analysis, observation of symptoms)
  • to limit the impact on the environment (latest generation of treatment equipment, ground cover grass between vines, waste management).

We have also installed our own water treatment plant. In operation since 1998, it is based on a principle of water purification by entirely natural means. It consists of a 6000 m3 semi-underground basin for storage, 400m2 of massed silica for treatment, and 100m2 of massed reeds for sludge treatment.

The 3 steps:

1. Aerated storage: Eliminates 90% of the pollution.

2. Purification on massed silica: Eliminates the remaining 10%.

3. Removal of solid residue by massed reeds.

Buildings in harmony with their environment

In 2011, we equipped the winery with a new bottling plant that sits at the very forefront of technology, and which has been designed to match perfectly with its surroundings. The air conditioning system, for example, operates in conjunction with the water course that runs along the building (the Neez tributary) and the water used to sterilise bottles is heated by solar panels situated on the roof of the building.


Accessibility for Everyone (Tourisme & Handicap Label)

The Cave de Gan tour is an opportunity for us to show you the respect for tradition that is exemplified by our working methods in developing our Jurançon and Béarn wines . With this in mind we decided to attain the Tourisme & Handicap label which signifies that visitors with disabilities will be able to access all of our facilities under the best possible conditions. This label has been attributed to us for our efforts to render all aspects of our winery tour more practical with respect to the 4 major types of disabilities (hearing, mental, physical, visual).

Examples of provisions that have been taken to facilitate access for everybody :

  • Hearing Impairment : For people who are hard of hearing or use a hearing aid, an Audio Induction Loop may be used to increase the volume of the tour guide. 
  • Intellectual Disability : Our staff has been trained to welcome people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Physical Disability : Entries have been designed to welcome people in wheelchairs. A tasting room dedicated to people in wheelchairs has also been created..
  • Visual impairment :  The lighting in our store has been oriented in an optimal fashion in consideration of people with visual impairment. Glass windows and doors have been marked with stickers to aid visual detection, and our prices are displayed in an easily readable font.